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How Not to Design a Logo

These are just plain bad, which makes them so good...

The TOP TEN list of infamously horrid logos:

Company: Rising Sun Sushi
Logo Concept: A tea house with the Japanese red sun behind it.

"Yeah... I can make out the behind..."



Company: Who cares... they're probably hiding
Logo Concept: Two characters dancing

"Could also double as a chest x-ray logo."



Company: The Computer Doctors
Logo Concept: swapping out the useless letter "U" for some sort of mouse

"Don't be embarrassed by hard drive failure, we're doctors."



Company: Kudawara Pharmacy
Logo Concept: Two people bumping into each other to form a "K"

"We stand behind our customers"



Company: Checkpoint Computuers
Logo Concept: get your five-year old to whip up something on the cheap

"We know technology... and it looks like a crayon drawing"



Company: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Logo Concept: Develop a swarthy-looking winking metrosexual with guy-liner - what any tailgating, drunken Sunday buffoon aspires to be.

"OK Jenkins, let's be sure to design something that will make the fans feel really weird!"



Company: London 2012 Olympics
Logo Concept: who the hell knows, but it definitely involved sucking helium and getting out that box of pencil crayons from way in the back

"Some have said it looks like Lisa Simpson involved in some sort of social engagement."



Company: Kids Exchange
Logo Concept: fun kiddie writing and lovely bright colours

"Who needs those pesky spaces between words?"



Company: The Denver Nuggets
Logo Concept: get some Grade Eights to draw some pictures on foolscap for the enduring look of a championship franchise

"They were years ahead of their time.. what with inventing Tetris and all."



Company: Clinica Dental
Logo Concept: Show some real intense patient interaction.

"I think if you choose to use some sort of 70s stick figures in your logo design, your chances of hitting an ambiguously sexual identity increase by 700%"


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