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Stinky, Bad Photoshop

While cruising through the Sandals site to explore their site design, I came across the above image. It freaked me out right away but I was having trouble putting my finger on the root cause.

I guessed it was because as a viewer (and potential customer) I was supposed to see myself as this yahoo in a pool getting happy over the thought of a guy in a soaking wet suit and gloves shaking a cocktail for me; the pure joy of slipping off my chair in the shade in order to find the most pretentious way imaginable to order a drink.

But all pessimism aside, I think the true uneasiness comes from the fact that this is such an obvious photoshop job... it sets off all my designer's spidey senses.

What the hell happened to the water-waiter's legs?

More bad photoshop examples (insert simple Google search) here:

Detached arm for Sandra Bullock and pasted on head for Bradley Cooper!



Crazy, wacky kids... I mean the ones that were paid to do this layout work...



"10-4 good buddy... can I stop hiding down here and maybe you can hold this yourself for a while?"



"Awww... that's adorable... he's got his daddy's legs!"



And I guess these examples exist because someone hired a bogus designer or rushed a deadline or ran with a tiny budget... all harmless fun. It's examples like this below one issued from Sepah News, the media arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards news site that are really scary:

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