Any transactions made through a website must have:

  1. A secure page (encrypted so that sensitive information is transferred safely)
  2. A merchant account (set up with a financial institution)
  3. An e-commerce component (shopping cart)


Three e-Commerce Options:

OPTION 1 - PayPal

Setting up a PayPal account and providing a payment link from a site is the easiest and least expensive option.

When someone decides to purchase through this link, the transaction is arranged securely through PayPal using their secure page, shopping cart and merchant account. In return for this service, PayPal takes a fee for each transaction.

With a PayPal account, any website can accept credit cards or direct PayPal payment transfers. More info on PayPal.

can assist with the set-up of PayPal accounts and ensure that it integrates smoothly with the overall site aesthetic.


OPTION 2 - Third Party Services

There are online businesses that provide "add-on" e-commerce solutions and provide customizable shopping cart templates that integrate with their merchant accounts.

Pricing is usually a monthly-based fee and is dependent upon the type of business you operate, your sales volume, and your credit card processing requirements.

An example of this type of business is Beanstream - a Victoria-based, reliable + reputable company. More info on Beanstream.

can design shopping carts to integrate with any third-party e-commerce systems and can assist with the setup and integration.


OPTION 3 - Custom Set-up

Setting up a customized online e-commerce account is more costly, but suitable for any businesses looking for a unique option to complement the high volume of online transactions.

Setting up these accounts requires an annual fee for a secure page and monthly fees for an online merchant account - made payable through financial institutions.

Shopping cart integration is usually a customized build, with design and functionality to match specific needs.

designs shopping carts to integrate with any site and can hep with setting up a customizable e-commerce solution.