Website Maintenance Plan

$50/month or $550/year

Wordpress sites need care and attention, and we can help with the regular monitoring and maintenance of your site. You may want someone else to do the heavy lifting. 


A maintenance plan gives you peace of mind and puts  developers in charge of tracking your site. We will monitor the daily activity and perform monthly updates as required. You'll receive a summary report at the end of each month and if there are any issues that come up, we can help formulate a plan to keep your site running smoothly.


Included in Your Plan:

  • Site Backups - Weekly site backups emailed to you or stored on a cloud drive of your choice.
  • Wordpress Core Updates - Everything that lives online is constantly evolving, and Wordpress is no different. As new updates to the web emerge, Wordpress itself will need to be updated and it's important to thoroughly understand and check each instance to guarantee that your site is running smoothly.
  • Plugin Updates - We take care of updating + testing all of your Wordpress plugins to make sure they are maintaining compatibility and playing nicely with your entire website.
  • Security Notifications - Daily monitoring of your site is done through security notifications that are examined by our development team. We monitor the notifications and will inform you of any security issues that arise.
  • Database Optimization - Once a month we run a test on your database to make sure it is optimized, running smoothly and not showing any errors.
  • Page Speed Check - Your site is put through Google’s Page Speed Insights application and any improvements that can be made by optimizing content or page elements is provided in a monthly report
  • Monthly Maintenance Summary Report - All of the work undertaken for the month (as described above) is provided in a summary report. Any suggestions for completing tasks outside of the scope covered in the Website Maintenance Plan will be provided in this report.

Wordpress Training

  1. Wordpress training is not included with Maintenance Packages. 

    There are plenty of resources online with a good starting point being the "Working with Wordpress" articles located at 

  2. Eggbeater can provide dedicated Wordpress training. If you are looking for some personal help, Contact us and we'll find a training schedule to match your needs.

Features at a glance:

  • Full Site Backups
  • Wordpress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Security Notifications
  • Database Optimization
  • Page Speed Checks
  • Summary Report
  • No Contract

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