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What do you want your website to do?

How will your web design match your needs, drive sales or target your audience?

offers flexible web design options and comes in a range of pricing to match any budget. Every site design is built upon a self-managed structure (CMS or Content Management System) to allow unlimited and easy updates to web content. 

Our website designs are clean, creative solutions that meet your unique brand needs and support your business objectives. We understand the importance of the end user experience and create intuitive designs that are simple to navigate. Our in-house SEO expert ensures that every website we build is search engine friendly and is created with the latest SEO principles in mind. Before any site goes live, our programmers install the structure needed to generate maximum visibility prior to launch. 

Feel free to fill out the Website Q+A Form below; It only takes a few minutes, and can often lead to a wealth of understanding about what you want your website to do.

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Choose from any one of these three options:


1. Template Websites

Does your site have simple needs?... Information pages, blog articles, photo & video galleries, contact forms?

If creating a custom site design is not crucial, you can draw from a wide variety of high quality site templates and get the best value for a high quality website.

Choose from a wide variety of well-designed and stable templates and let us make it reflect your brand. The end result will be a high-functioning site at a fraction of the cost of a custom designed site.

Pricing for Template sites generally range from $1,500 - $4,000.

Submit details of your site project and receive a ballpark price estimate along with some examples of Template Websites.


2. Custom Websites

Your site needs everything; custom design, full editing capabilities, articles, galleries, surveys, data management, e-commerce, mass emails, catalogues, secure pages, member login areas and expert programming for custom applications. 

We build custom sites using Vortex CMS, the most powerful and intuitive CMS available for any web project. Vortex will completely change the way you view managing your site.

A Vortex site provides businesses with the easiest, most powerful tools to manage the growth and management of their online assets. Training is provided, but many of our clients find the edits so easy implement, that they set off on their site edits with little or no direction.

Pricing for custom sites using the power of VORTEX generally range from $4,000 - $10,000+.

Submit details of your site project and receive a ballpark price estimate for a custom designed website.


3. Mobile Website Development

Browsing on a smart phone places a greater demand on the design strategy for today's websites; sites must be designed for maximum scalability.

This demand has greatly influenced conventional site design resulting in large button navigation, clean layouts and simple, concise copy. But even with these considerations in place, sometimes the best option is to simply create a mobile version that makes small screen browsing a snap.

Eggbeater can design and build a mobile version of your website which scales your information down to fit smaller screens and will display automatically when people access your site on their mobile phone.

Contact us and we will send you a price estimate for a mobile site.


Web Design Services:


Site maps, wireframes + menu structure

Web Strategies

Site usability, navigation, content placement, page layout


Concepts, proofs + approved template design


HTML/CSS coding, CMS integration, custom programming, third party integrations

Social Media 

Blog setup, Facebook + Twitter feeds, links + social media strategy

Browser Tests

Compatibility testing with multiple, current browsers


Basic 10-point integration + keyword analysis


Learn to easily manage site edits + updates